At A.D. Marble Communications, we transform complex ideas into clear, visually inspired content, improving communications for our clients and advancing public understanding of the natural and cultural environments. Our goal is to combine design excellence with expert content development from our staff of design, public outreach, and natural and cultural resource professionals. We believe this collaborative approach is key to addressing our clients’ design and communications challenges.

We provide our clients with inventive and effective design services that enhance relationships between agencies and stakeholders and promote community understanding of cultural and natural resources.

Meet the Team

Julie Cressman | Design and Art Direction
Julie accepted the role as A.D. Marble & Company’s designer and art director over 11 years ago and quickly connected with the company’s various environmental science, cultural resources, and public outreach professionals. Her love of communication design, nature, and history found her right at home among A.D. Marble & Company’s environmental education, public involvement, branding, and historic preservation education projects. These projects, along with the desire to offer ever-expanding design services to our clients, have led to the launch of A.D. Marble & Company Communications.

Gina Burritt | Public Outreach Specialist
With more than 14 years of expertise as a public involvement specialist and community planner, Gina draws on her vast experience and technical knowledge to convey complex information to a non-technical audience. A trained facilitator, her skills ensure positive and productive communication between all members involved in a project. Her approach to project communications (newsletters, signage, social media, websites, emails, blogs, etc.) ensures that technical jargon is appropriately translated into easily understood and engaging content. She enjoys working with diverse populations, including low-income and minority populations, and ensures that all voices are heard during the many phases of the planning process.

Xavier Riva | Natural Resources Education
As a wetland scientist with over 18 years of experience and an avid hiker, Xavier combines his enthusiasm for natural resource management with his passion for environmental education in all of his projects. He understands the value of enhancing the outdoor experience through interpretive and informational signage and has developed signs for parks and trail networks throughout southeastern Pennsylvania as well as wetland mitigation sites in New Jersey.

Russell Stevenson | Cultural Resources Education

With over 9 years of experience in historic preservation, Russ develops comprehensive interpretive content suitable for all audiences. He maintains close coordination with clients, state and federal agencies, and various consulting parties. His background in architectural salvage, and historic restoration and conservation work, gives him a unique perspective. Russ is able to interpret historical resources and provide a holistic view when developing educational and interpretive materials. He shares years of experience, education, and a detailed knowledge of historic preservation, in addition to hands-on experience and knowledge of below ground archaeological resources.

Erin Carson | Senior Editor
As A.D. Marble & Company’s senior editor, Erin reviews and compiles all environmental, cultural, and marketing materials produced by the company. Her nine years of experience working with federal, state, and private clients have exposed her to the various needs of individual projects and allow her to transition from one style to another. With an eye for detail and appreciation for the written word, Erin works with the project team to develop exceptional products that educate and inspire.